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Sites Designed & Developed using Wordpress by HI Team.

Client wanted to have a site similar to some other site. The theme on the original site was identified and acquired and later on installed and customised as per the client's requirements.
Justin Monroe
Site built in wordpress for Justin Monroe, who is a business man and is running for Alderman in Grande Prairie City.
Local Search Marketing
Site Developed in Wordpress for a Regular Customer.
Logan For Mayor
Website built for Dwight Logan who is a candidate for the Position of Mayor of the City of Grande Prairie in the Municipal Elections to be held this autumn!
Maheshwari Industries
Site made for One of the Biggest RCC Hume Pipe Manufacturer in North-East India. The site was done using wordpress and artisteer.
Minerva Flavour & Fragrances
Test Site for Minerva Flavour & Fragrances, a company which will produce various flavours & fragrances.
One Step Removed
An existing site was converted into wordpress.
Rosali Art
Client wanted to install wordpress alongwith a theme and plugins for her paintings site (NSFW). Please remember the site contains nude paintings.
Roxy P
Personal Blog Site for Roxy P who wanted to get a theme designed which matches her header.
Spa Enso
Site designed & developed for a client initially in wordpress but later on they moved onto a Flash Based Site.
Subsurface Imaging
The earlier site was build using asp. It was recreated in wordpress and since it already had lots of pages indexed in google and a good pagerank, all the old pages/links were 301 redirected to preserve linkjuice/existing traffic.
Women Of Acumen
A wordpress theme was modified to suit client's requirements. The project was done through vworker.com .
Site was build using wordpress. Our task was to enhance the template with flashy design and effects.
Harmony Infotech
Site designed & developed in Wordpress for our own company.
Bill Friend
Site Developed in wordpress for a client on vworker.com .
West Bikes
Client asked us to create a theme in wordpress which matches his original site design (http://westbikes.com which is done in Joomla).
Car Parking Gatwick Airport
Initially a header was designed for the client and thereafter we also designed a matching wordpress theme.
Grey Hawk LLC
Client had an existing site which was built using html/flash. We created a theme in wordpress which was similar to the existing site and also moved the contents from old site to new wordpress based site.
A Father's Walk
A wordpress theme as well as matching header was created for a client.
Actual Real Money
A header as well as corresponding wordpress theme was created for a client.
Gatlinburg Mountain Mall
A new site was designed & developed in wordpress and all the old content from http://gatlinburg-mountainmall.com/ was moved across. Also a feature was implemented to allow individual shop-owners to just be able to edit their own shop related page.
Get Your Flip On
A header and a matching theme was created for a Client who used fiverr.com to order our famous $5 header design service gig.
Home Choice Floors
Client wanted to get his site done in wordpress. The design was inspired by one of client's other sites.
A wordpress theme was developed for the client similar to his old html site.
India News Magazine
Some customisations were done to the theme. Also a script was written to import news article into wordpress from a custom XML feed (provided by IANS) .
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Limo Connect
We developed the site for Reservations & Quick Online Quotes.
Estate And Financial Planning Institute
Site was developing in wordpress as per client's input.
Sidhi Vinayaka Gardens
A simple site built using wordpress for a Vizag Real Estate Client.
A stock flash template was used to redesign client's site.
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